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Responses to the ARO proposals on the Interim Polling District Review 2022

  1. Four responses were received to the public consultation.  These were from the Norwich City Council Labour group, the Norfolk County Council Labour group, the Norwich Labour Party and the MP for Norwich South.
  2. The Norwich City Council Labour group are supportive of the Acting Returning Officer’s proposals 
  3. The following is the full submission made by the Norfolk County Council Labour group, the Norwich Labour Party and the MP for Norwich South.

2022 Norwich City Council Polling Station Review Submission


Alternative polling station suggestions to explore are Dragon Hall, the King’s Centre, or the Adrian Flux Waterfront.
We fully support the proposal to use St Augustine’s Church Hall.
Mile Cross – MX3
We oppose the proposal to move the polling station back to the Norman Centre. The Norman Centre is too far away from the polling district, and requires residents to cross the main Drayton Road which forms a strong physical boundary between the two communities. It also requires residents to walk up a gradient to reach the polling station.
We would encourage the possibility of utilising the Broadland Housing Association premises on Larners Way. If this is still not possible, we support retaining the mobile polling station at Sloughbottom Park. It is vital that physically accessible in-person voting is retained.
Thorpe Hamlet – TH3
We fully support the proposal to use the Canary Social Club.
Town Close – TO5
We would encourage the re-exploration of a temporary polling station. Possible locations are the communal green space between Southwell Road and Trafalgar Street, or hiring the new commercial car park by the footbridge over the Lakenham Way.
Wensum – WE2/WE2A
We submit that the polling station should be moved back to Waddington Court sheltered housing community room. Sheltered housing tenants enjoyed the convenience of this location, and it is central to the polling district.