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My Norwich

LetNCC case study: Tony

Why did you decide to use the Let NCC?

Having managed my own properties historically, I didn’t feel particularly comfortable passing them on to another agent to manage so decided to try Let NCC.

Leasing through the council is an arrangement I feel very comfortable with. 

What are the benefits of the scheme?

The best thing about the scheme is the guaranteed income which is all paid at the same time, with automatic annual rent increases. I have no worries about tenants’ rent. 

I like having the option to either carry out any repairs and maintenance myself, or asking the council to arrange them.

The council also ensures the property is compliant with regards to gas and electrics, and reminds me when these requirements are due.

Has anything surprised you about it?

Some of the tenants the council have provided have been exceptional, and made improvements to the property in several instances.

What would you do if you weren’t using the scheme?

If I wasn’t using the scheme I would either be reluctantly using an agent, or no doubt pulling what hair I have left out managing them myself.

Would you recommend Let NCC to other landlords?

If regular income and hassle free letting arrangements appeals to you, and you want to spend your time pursuing other interests, then yes!

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