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What management regulations or amenity standards will apply?

In addition to safety regulations, all HMOs (even those which do not need a licence) need to comply with regulations which set basic management standards. These are:
These standards include the requirement to take safety measures having regard to the design, structural conditions and number of people in the HMO. Appropriate fire separation and fire detection is required. Please see the council’s fire guidance  for information on how you can apply this to your property. The regulations also require the manager to have an electrical inspection carried out at least every 5 years and to produce a certificate on request to the local authority.

It is a criminal offence to breach these regulations. All HMO owners and agents are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the requirements.

To obtain a licence your HMO will also need to have adequate facilities and space for the number of people it is to be licensed for. Details are set out in our "Amenities Standards":

These standards should also be used as guidance for non-licensed HMOs.