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How do I apply for an HMO licence?

How do I apply for an licence?

All new HMOs subject to licensing will be inspected prior to the issuing of a draft licence, to ensure that the HMO is reasonable suitable for occupation by the number of people being requested on the licence application, and to ensure that there are satisfactory management arrangements are in place. 

Properties requiring a renewal of a licence may also need inspection prior to the issuing of a draft licence, where there has not been a recent inspection during the period of the previous licence, or there are outstanding concerns or compliance matters requiring addressing. 

HMOs with 11 or more bedrooms/bedsits will require supplementary information, please submit the application with a few room details and then the team will be in contact with you to gain information for all of the rooms. 

For any enquiries, email

You will need to complete the online application form, make an online payment for the application fee and submit any supporting evidence that may be required at this stage.

You will need to provide the information about:

  • the proposed licence holder
  •  the proposed manager
  • your bank or mortgage company if there is an existing mortgage on the property
  • any additional owners or any other interested parties details
  • the property itself including
    • the extent of any existing fire precautions
    • the types of soft furnishings
    • the number and type of each room (e.g. how many bedrooms)
    • the size of habitable rooms
    • the number of occupants
    • The number and type of amenities (e.g. baths, cookers etc.)
  • The energy rating of the house (from the energy performance certificate) and type of heating
  • Servicing information and safety certification for gas appliances, the electrical installation and the fire detection system

Online payment may be made with a debit or credit card. The application fee is currently £619 and is non-returnable in the event that the HMO does not require a licence or where a licence is refused.