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How long will a licence be valid?

All licences issued after Thursday 6 September 2018 will last for one year from the date of issue

Previously a licence lasted for five years but recent case law which require fees to be regularly reviewed and adjusted to reflect the true costs of running the scheme means that a one-year licence period will be more straightforward to administer. 

Five-year licenses issued under the previous scheme will continue to be valid until the expiry date.

It will be your responsibility to ensure that you apply to renew the licence in good time to ensure that the new licence is issued from the date that the old one expires.

Where there has been no change in details since the last application you will be able to make an on-line declaration to prevent the need to resubmit an application form. However, you will still need to submit any safety certificates that are renewed annually including a landlords gas safety certificate, fire detection system inspection record, or other certificates that may have expired or been updated during the course of the year including the five-year electrical installation test and report or energy performance certificate.

Please note that when renewing a licence for a HMO that was granted on or before 5 September 2018, you will not be able to make a declaration that there has been no change to the information previously submitted. This is because the government has introduced new minimum room size requirements for licensed HMOs which requires you to provide more information than previously asked for.