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What information will I need to provide when I apply for a licence?

You will need to provide the information about:

  • The proposed licence holder
  • The proposed manager
  • Your bank or mortgage company if there is an existing mortgage on the property
  • Any additional owners or any other interested parties
  • The property itself including
    • The extent of any existing fire precautions
    • The types of soft furnishings
    • The number and type of each room (e.g. how many bedrooms)
    • The size of habitable rooms
    • The number of occupants
    • The number and type of amenities (e.g. baths, cookers etc)
  • The energy rating of the house (from the energy performance certificate) and type of heating
  • Servicing information and safety certification: Gas Safety Record, Periodic Electrical Installation Condition Report, PAT Certificate, and Fire Detection Safety Certificate certified to BS 5839

If any of this information has not been provided, it will cause a delay in your application

If a renewal application is received after expiry of the previous licence, then the application will be treated as refused and a new licence application will need to be submitted, along with the appropriate fee. 

The cost of renewing your licence will be the same as an initial HMO licence application. 

It is the licence holder’s responsibility to submit a renewal application at the appropriate time. The council may send reminders prior to the expiry of any current licence, but these should not be relied upon to prompt a timely application