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Will an inspection need to be carried out before I apply for a licence?

All new HMOs subject to licensing will be inspected prior to the issuing of a draft licence, to ensure that the HMO is reasonably suitable for occupation by the number of people being requested on the licence application, and to ensure that there are satisfactory management arrangements are in place

Properties requiring a renewal of a licence may also need inspecting prior to the issuing of a draft licence, where there has not been a recent inspection during the period of the previous licence, or there are outstanding concerns or compliance matters requiring addressing. 

All HMOs will also remain subject to further inspections during the lifetime of the licence to check compliance with licence conditions, management responsibilities and minimum standards. Frequency of the inspection will be driven by a risk assessment of all the data relevant to the property and/or licence holder/manager.

In certain cases, the council may decide to carry out such inspections without prior notice being given to the owner, the licence holder and/or manager. This is consistent with the powers set out in Section 239 of the Housing Act 2004.

Where the inspection has been pre-arranged the licence holders, or applicants where applicable, will be required to provide access to all rooms in the HMO at a suitably arranged appointment. 

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