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What do I do if there are changes to the number of occupants, the property or the licence holder?

If circumstances regarding the HMO change during the licence period, the licence holder must notify the council directly so the licence can be re-assessed and varied if the HMO is considered suitable to accommodate the variation request

The types of change requiring variation to the licence would be:

  • There is a change in the number of kitchens (including bedsits) or bathrooms provided
  • There is a change to the design or layout of the property
  • There is a change of management or ownership
  • There is a change of mortgage provider

Similarly, if the HMO is no longer going to be occupied as a HMO or the licence holder changes, then the licence holder must make an application for the licence to be revoked. Any remaining period of the licence will be forfeited and there will be no right to refund of the original payment

Where there is a change of licence holder, there is no facility to transfer the licence to another party. A new licence application must be submitted, and the old licence revoked. 

We do not make a charge for varying an existing licence.