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Bespoke pre-application planning advice for major developments

For all major proposals (10 dwellings and 1000sqm or more) we offer a bespoke service where the timetable, level of advice and fee can be agreed. This allows for a flexible service and enables input at varying stages of the development process.

Requesting pre-application advice

If you need bespoke pre-application advice for a major development proposal, please initially email to arrange a scoping meeting with either Mark Brown or David Parkin.

We encourage early engagement so we can provide guidance which can be useful even at the RIBA stages 0 (strategic definition) and 1 (preparation and brief). This would include:

  • information we hold on site constraints
  • planning history
  • relevant policy
  • generic guidance for developing a concept design
  • details of ward members
  • likely validation requirements
  • likely consultees
  • any requirements for community involvement.

When you have developed your concept design (RIBA Stage 2), we can provide guidance and recommendations as necessary to assist you in making a submission which meets with local policy.

Design review

Depending on the scale of the scheme, you may be invited to present the proposals for design review by an independent panel (additional charges would apply).

Planning committee

You may also be asked to make a presentation to the planning applications committee for information at pre-application stage. We would advise on how to organise such a presentation and carry out pre-application public consultations.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) screening

Where necessary, EIA screening will be undertaken as part of the process. This is the only level of enquiry where we will consider development viability.

Fees and timescales

Fees and timescales will be agreed on a case by case basis. It will normally involve a minimum upfront fee of between £1,500 - £5,000 depending on the size of the scheme. We can also charge our time on an hourly rate basis. 

For the most significant schemes the minimum fee may be higher and it may be appropriate to agree a planning performance agreement for both the pre-application and formal application stage.