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Report or claim a lost dog

Report a lost dog

If you lose your dog, call 0344 980 3333 (Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm), except bank holidays and other public holidays.

If your dog has a collar and tag or is microchipped we will try and contact you on the same day as the dog has been found. If you can’t be contacted straight away, the dog will be held in kennels and you will be sent a stray dog notice stating how you can arrange for the return of your dog and any charges that need to be paid.

If you cannot be traced, the dog will be taken to kennels and held for up to 7 days. After this time the dog will be re-homed.

Claiming a lost dog

To claim a dog you will need to provide proof of ownership. A photograph, a pedigree history or proof of ownership (such as a purchase receipt) are helpful when you are claiming a lost dog.

When arranging for the return of your dog you will be required to pay a daily charge and any additional fees incurred, such as veterinary fees.

We must be notified by 3pm to arrange return of your dog within that working day.