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Contaminated land

Contaminated land can be a potential health hazard to people living on or using the land.

Increasingly, people are concerned about whether a property they want to buy or sell is on contaminated land.

How to find out if land is contaminated

There are many websites that offer to search for contaminated land. However, these searches can be very general and the results may not directly apply to the property of interest.

We undertake environmental searches for a fee and provide any information that we hold on contamination in relation to the land, and also of any past uses of the land that may give rise to concerns of contamination.

Contaminated land public register

We maintain a register, open for public inspection, of the remediation of contaminated land in the Norwich city area. This requirement is made in Section 78R of the Environment Protection Act 1990.

This register is intended to act as a full and permanent record of all the regulatory action taken by us in relation to the remediation of the land. It is not a list of former industrial sites or a record of land which is being investigated.

The register will include:

  • Remediation notices
  • Appeals against remediation notices
  • Remediation declarations
  • Remediation statements
  • Appeals against charging notices
  • Designation of special sites
  • Notification of claimed remediation
  • Convictions for offences under Section 78M of the Act
  • Guidance issued under Section 78V(1) of the Act
  • Other matters prescribed by Regulations

To date no sites have been formally determined as contaminated and therefore our public register has no entries.

Guidance for developers and consultants

Guidance note for developers and consultants

Contaminated land inspection strategy

Contaminated land inspection strategy

External websites

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