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Vehicle and home burglar alarm

If you are experiencing a noise problem from an alarm which continues to sound and the owner cannot be contacted please call us on 0344 980 3333.

Vehicle and home burglar alarm responsibilities

If you have a vehicle or property which is fitted with an alarm you must ensure that:

  • it is set to a reasonable level of sensitivity to minimise 'false alarms'
  • it is checked regularly so that it is in good working order.
  • you nominate a keyholder, such as a neighbour, should it go off in your absence.
  • the property alarm is fitted with a 20 minute automatic cut-out device
  • the vehicle alarm is fitted with 5 minute cut-out device

Please note: If a complaint is received and the owners cannot be contacted we can disconnect the alarm in order to stop the disturbance. Costs associated with this will be charged back to the owner or occupier.

We will not disconnect a sounding fire alarm.

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