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My Norwich

Be prepared for flooding

Roles and responsibilities

Organisations and local councils with responsibilities for flood risk management.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

  • Planning for national flood emergencies
  • Grant aid for land drainage works
  • Funding EA flood management activities

Environment Agency (EA)

  • Ensuring the maintenance of main rivers
  • Monitoring and forecasting river levels
  • Providing and operating flood warning systems
  • Category One Responder to local and national emergencies
  • Lead authority for flood risk management in England and Wales for main rivers.

Norfolk County Council (NCC)

  • The Lead Local Flood Authority - co-ordinates local flood risk management
  • Highways drainage
  • Ditches and balancing ponds on NCC land, also responsible for bridges and culverted watercourses under the highway
  • Category One Responder to local and national emergencies
  • Enforcing maintenance of land drainage by riparian owners where the highway is affected
  • Road closures

Borough, City and District Councils

  • Ditches and balancing ponds on Borough owned land
  • Category One Responder to local and national emergencies
  • Providing temporary accommodation in an emergency

Norfolk Resilience Forum

  • Brings together Category One and Two responders, plus supporting agencies to plan for, respond to and recover from to emergencies in Norfolk
  • Publishes the Community Risk Register for Norfolk
  • Provides emergency preparedness advice

Anglian Water

  • Flooding from public foul, combined and surface water sewers
  • Flooding from burst water supply pipes
  • Ditches and balancing ponds on AW owned land
  • Category Two responder to local and national emergencies
  • Mains water

Internal Drainage Boards (IDB’s)

  • Provision of flood defences and water level management in low lying areas
  • Maintenance and protection of key watercourses

Parish Councils

  • Advising agencies of local flood issues
  • Implement relevant parts of their emergency plan until more help arrives
  • Ditches on parish council owned land

Private householders and land owners

  • Land drainage on their own property
  • Watercourses where they are the riparian owner
  • Protection of their own property from flooding
  • Repairing flood damage to their own property