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Consultation closed: Cathedral, Magdalen and St Augustine’s area

Consultation closed 21 March 2018

We invited comments on the proposed boundary of the neighbourhood area and for the proposal of Cathedral, Magdalen and St Augustine’s Neighbourhood Forum to become a ‘Designated Body’ to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan. This was in accordance with Regulations 5 (Boundary) and 8 (Forum) of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

Consultation documents

Applications received from the Cathedral, Magdalen and St Augustine’s (CMSA) Neighbourhood Forum:

These applications are supported by:

Consultation was carried out in collaboration with the Broads Authority, as some of the proposed neighbourhood area falls within their jurisdiction. This combined consultation ran from Thursday 8 February 2018 to Wednesday 21 March 2018.

Consultation Responses

All responses to the Broads Authority and Norwich City Council have been collated. A total of 22 representations were received which can be downloaded below.

No. Consultee Response date Comments
1 Highways England 08/02/18 Highways England
2 Sustrans 08/02/18 Sustrans
3 BPA Pipelines 08/02/18 BPA Pipelines
4 Cruising Association 08/02/18 Cruising Association
5 Norwich BID 09/02/18 Norwich Bid
6 Surrey Chapel 16/02/18 Surrey Chapel
7 Water Management Alliance 21/02/18 Water Management Alliance
8 Historic England 05/03/18 Historic England
9 Natural England 14/03/18 Natural England
10 Ian Gilles 16/03/18 Ian Gillies
11 Norwich Over the Water 17/03/18 Norwich Over the Water
12 Hugh McGlyn 18/03/18 Hugh McGlyn
13 Norcom Technology 18/03/18 Norcom
14 Cllr Grahame 20/03/18 Cllr Grahame
15 St Augustine’s Community Together Resident’s Association 20/03/18 St Augustine's RA
16 Code (for Jarrolds) 21/03/18 Code
17 Iceni 21/03/18 Iceni
18 Late Night Norwich 21/03/18 Late Night Norwich
19a Savills 21/03/18 Savills
19b Savills 2 21/03/18 Savills 2
20 Amelia Sissons 21/03/18 Amelia Sissons
21 Norfolk County Council Environment Service 23/03/18 (late response) Historic Environment
22 National Grid 29/03/18 (late response) National Grid


The proposed boundary for the Cathedral, Magdalen and St. Augustine’s Neighbourhood Plan Area and proposed designation of the Cathedral, Magdalen and St. Augustine’s Neighbourhood Forum were considered by Norwich City Council’s Cabinet on 13 June 2018 and by the Broads Authority’s Planning Committee on 22 June 2018. Both authorities resolved to refuse both applications. Norwich City Council also resolved to designate an alternative neighbourhood area for the northern city centre area.

The decisions to refuse the applications and to formally designate the alternative neighbourhood area were made on 25 June 2018. Details of the reasons for the decisions are set out in this statement.