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My Norwich


4.1      Reviewing and monitoring how well the local plan is performing is an essential element of the planning system. By assessing how well the policies are being achieved against clear targets, decisions can be made as to whether policies or documents need reviewing or replacing. Effective monitoring is also part of a flexible approach to managing changing circumstances by highlighting issues at early stages which may need a rapid response by the council.

4.2      The implementation of site specific policies in this plan will be monitored as part of the Greater Norwich Growth Board’s (the successor to the Greater Norwich Development Partnership) Annual monitoring report (AMR). This is produced annually to cover the twelve month monitoring period up to the previous March, and covers the greater Norwich area including Broadland, South Norfolk and Norwich districts.

4.3      The JCS’s spatial planning objectives (set out in paragraph 1.6 above) provide the framework for monitoring the overall success of the local plan for Norwich. In addition the council monitors a number of local indicators set out in the AMR which provide the basis for the local plan monitoring framework.

4.4      The key AMR indicators that are relevant to this plan are:

  • 5 year land supply for Norwich city
  • Housing completions and the housing trajectory
  • Progress on delivery of individual site allocations in this plan and in the NCCAAP.

4.5      In addition the council will monitor delivery of housing, employment, mixed use and other development on the sites proposed in this plan, set out in the implementation table in appendix 2.