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Single person discount

Adults not counted for council tax purposes (disregarded)

There are certain groups of people who are not counted (disregarded) when we decide how many people aged 18 or over, live in a property. This could affect how much council tax you pay.

  • You’ll get a 25% discount off your bill if you count as an adult and no-one else in the property counts as an adult.
  • A 50% discount may be granted if everyone in the property, including you, is disregarded.

These people are not counted as adults for council tax purposes:

Full-time students (including student nurses)
Students and student nurses undertaking a full-time or qualifying course at a college or university in the UK, foreign language assistants and students in further education under 20 years old.

People aged 18 or over entitled to child benefit
A person who is aged 18 or over and is still eligible for child benefit.

To qualify as an apprentice you must be:

  • employed to learn a trade, business, profession, office role or vocation
  • on a recognised course of training leading to an accredited qualification
  • paid no more than £195 per week gross.

Care providers
A person resident in a household who gives or receives care. At least 35 hours of care must be provided each week. The person cared for must normally be in receipt of certain qualifying benefits and must not be your partner or a child under 18.

Members of a visiting armed force
People and their dependants who have a relevant association with a visiting force. A member, or his/her dependant, of an international headquarters or defence organisation.

Members of an international HQ or Defence Organisation
People and their dependants who have a relevant association with an international headquarters or defence organisation.

Foreign language assistants
A person must be registered with the British Council as a foreign language assistant and have a current appointment as a foreign language assistant at a school or other educational institution in Great Britain.

Members of a religious community
The principal occupation of which consists of: prayer, contemplation, education, the relief of suffering, or any combination of the above, and has no income of capital of his own, (disregarding any income by way of a pension in respect of former employment) and is dependent on the community to provide for his material needs.

Partners of students who are not British 
The spouse or dependant of a student, not a British citizen and is prevented by immigration rules from "taking paid employment or from claiming benefits.

People entitled to diplomatic immunity or privileges.

Patients in hospital or care home
People who are residents in a hospital or a care home. You can apply if you, or a member of your household have:

  • been, or expect to be in hospital for at least 52 weeks
  • moved into a care home on a permanent basis.

Severely mentally impaired
This applies where a person is classed as severely mentally impaired. The person concerned must be in receipt of a qualifying benefit and have a doctor's certificate confirming the impairment.

Hostel resident
People staying in certain hostels or night shelters

People in detention
This applies where, due to the length of the sentence, the person is still regarded as having their sole or main residence in the property.



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