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Norfolk and Norwich Koblenz Friendship Association

In April 1978 the formal twinning documents between Koblenz and Norwich were signed in Koblenz, further promoting and extending links and building on this firm foundation.

The Norfolk & Norwich Koblenz Friendship Association (NNKFA) went on to be founded at the Sewell Barn Theatre in September 1980.

The first contacts between the Rhineland Palatinate and Norfolk go back to school exchanges as early as 1947 and official contacts between the Koblenz region and Norfolk were sealed in 1956.

Since then a wide range of links on educational, cultural, sporting and many other levels has developed, all of which have served to deepen friendship and understanding between the two cities and regions.

Become a member

If you would like to be a member of the association, please visit the NNFKA website to complete the membership form.

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