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Norfolk and Norwich Novi Sad Association

There are many similarities between the cities of Norwich and Novi Sad – our twin town in Serbia.

Both are the main city in a fertile agricultural area with associated food processing and agricultural-related industry; both have an imposing castle and important churches; both are cultural and educational centres with a history of independent thinking.

Novi Sad is a multi-national community with 5 ‘official’ languages and a wealth of variety and culture.
The association

The Norfolk and Norwich Novi Sad Association was set up in 1985 to support the twinning of the two cities and to further twinning links and activities. The association is very active in:

  • providing programmes of talks
  • organising outings
  • presenting fund-raising concerts, including the annual Paul Cross memorial concert
  • arranging trips to Novi Sad
  • developing exchanges between students in both cities and their regions.

Links have also been established between the rotary clubs and fire brigades in the two cities.

The association has also been active in supporting institutions and charities in Novi Sad - particularly for the relief of those affected by the dramatic changes that have taken place in the region during the past decade. The association continues to help a school for children with special needs.orfolk and Norwich Novi Sad Association.

Novi Sad Friendship Bridge, Norwich

The Novi Sad Friendship Bridge over the River Wensum opened in November 2001 and marks the close contact between the two cities and their citizens.


For more information or to apply for membership, contact Sandra Underwood:

t: 01953 601585

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