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Cooling towers

Register a cooling tower

All premises in Norwich where cooling towers and evaporative condensers are situated must be registered with the council. The law that covers this is Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations (1992).

You must notify us in writing, on the approved form, of any equipment on the premises and when there are any changes, including when a plant becomes redundant and is decommissioned or dismantled. Notification is free.

How to register

On receipt of your notification we will inspect the premises if necessary and details will be added to our cooling and evaporative condersers register.

We will inform the Health and Safety Executive concerning equipment on the premises where they have enforcement responsibility.

Register on the website

Apply to change a notification

Purpose of notification

This is to ensure that the relevant enforcing authority can be satisfied that suitable control measures are in place to protect employees and the general public from the risk of infection by organisms such as legionella.

Cooling and Evaporative Condensers Register

We keep an up to date register of all cooling towers and evaporative condensers in Norwich.

Cooling tower number of towers Enforcing authority
Norwich Combined Courts,
The Law Courts, Bishopgate, Norwich
2 Health and Safety Executive
Laurence Scott & Electromotors Ltd,
P.O Box 25, Hardy Road,
1 Health and Safety Executive
Marsh UK Ltd.
Victoria House, Queens Road, Norwich NR1 3QQ
1 Norwich City Council
St. Crispins, Duke Street,
1 Norwich City Council
Castle Mall Shopping Centre
Timber Hill/Golden Ball Street,
3 Norwich City Council
Briar Chemicals Ltd
Sweet Briar Road
3 Health and Safety Executive

Last reviewed June 2016

More information about cooling towers is found on the Health and Safety Executive's website.