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Business merit - Pledge for health

This merit recognises businesses that have pledged to improve people’s health.

Run in association with the Department of Health, businesses make a public commitment to such things as:

  • making catering practices healthier
  • improving the health and wellbeing of their employees
  • promoting physical activity
  • tackling issues like the misuse of alcohol and drugs
  • being greener.

How to sign up

If you operate businesses you can choose from a list of suggested pledges or make up one of your own. If your idea meets our criteria we will award your business a pledge for health merit and give you a window sticker.

Submit your pledge

Businesses that have gained recognition under the Best Bar None Norwich scheme (BBNN) may also apply to be awarded a Pledge for Health merit for their commitment to responsible alcohol sales.

Larger organisations that sign up to the Department of Health’s public responsibility deal may also apply.

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