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Reinstating gas and electricity

When moving into your new home you will need to make arrangements for your gas and electricity supplies.

  • Locate the gas and electricity meters in your new property. For each meter take a reading and check the type of meter eg a pre-payment card meter or quarterly billing
  • If you have a card meter find out if there is any outstanding debt on it by contacting the current energy provider. If there is a debt it is not your responsibility to pay it off but you will need to ask the gas or electricity supplier to reset the meter
  • You must contact the current gas provider, before contacting Gasway, to arrange for gas to be supplied to your council home in your name and to ensure that the meter is clear of debt. If Gasway attend to reinstate the gas supply to your property but are unable to do so, because you did not contact the gas supplier first, you will be charged a callout fee
  • You must contact the current electricity provider to ensure that the electricity meter is clear of debt and to arrange for electricity to be supplied to the property in your name

It is also your responsibility to get a meter installed by the supplier if it has been removed.

How to reinstate your energy supplies

1. Find the gas and electricity meters in your home and take a reading

2. Contact the gas and electricity supplier/s (by phoning the helpline numbers below) and giving them your address and meter readings.

Gas supplier helpline - 0870 6081524
Electricity supplier helpline - 0845 6015467

3. After you have contacted the energy providers, it is your responsibility to contact Gasway on 01603 258617 to arrange for the gas supply to your new property to be reinstated.

It can take up to two working days from the time you contact Gasway to getting the gas supply to your new home reconnected.

4. When energy supplies to your new home have been reinstated you can arrange to change gas/electricity providers if you wish.

Please do not:

  • contact our emergency out of hours service for gas reinstatement to your property, as this can only be done by Gasway
  • contact Gasway regarding the electricity supply – it is your responsibility to arrange this with the current electricity provider

If you arrange an appointment through Gasway for an engineer to attend and reinstate the gas supply to the property and you have not contacted the gas supplier first, with your details and the current meter readings, then Gasway will be unable to reinstate the supply to the property. You will then be charged £40 for the cost of the callout fee.

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