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Decoration allowance scheme

Who qualifies for a decoration allowance?

Anyone who has accepted an offer of a council tenancy and signed a tenancy agreement, with the following exceptions:

  • Non-secure tenancies that are pending a homelessness investigation
  • Where an individual(s) has a licence agreement to occupy a council home

If your tenancy has been assigned to you following a succession or you have moved through a mutual exchange you are not entitled to a decoration allowance.

How much will I get?

An allowance of £25 will be paid for each room that needs redecorating.

How will I receive my allowance?

When you decide to accept a property you will be told the value of any decoration allowance.

This is when you will need to choose which supplier you would like to spend this allowance with. In most cases, you will be given a card which will be credited with the £25 per room allowance to be spent with the supplier you have chosen.

You cannot use this card at more than one supplier.

What if I cannot do my own decorating?

If you are unable to decorate your own property due to disability, and have no able members of the household to help them, an additional payment of £50 will be provided per room to employ someone to carry out the decorating works.

Only in exceptional circumstances will we carry out decoration works to those rooms assessed for a decorating allowance.

If you are entitled to additional payments for decorating you will be notified and payment will be made into your account via a bank transfer.

Where can I spend my allowance?

You may choose from one of the following suppliers:

B&Q Warehouse
Boundary Road
Norwich NR6 5JS
t: 01603 269000

B&Q Warehouse
5 Neatmarket
Hall Road
Norwich NR4 6FB
t: 01603 455378

R E Thorns and Co
22 Exchange Street
Norwich NR2 1AT
t: 01603 622891

What can I spend the allowance on?

The allowance can only be used to buy decorating materials for use at your new property. It is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for other goods.

A full list of the decorating materials you can buy is provided at sign-up.

These include:

  • interior paints
  • woodcare and varnishes
  • non–powered decorating tools
  • wallpaper and pastes
  • sandpaper
  • filler and sealants