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Community support during coronavirus outbreak

During the outbreak of covid-19 (coronavirus), it is vital that our community rallies together to support each other.

Keep yourselves safe

  • This is a highly infectious virus and if you become infected, you are likely to infect others. By keeping yourselves safe, you help stop the spread of the virus and keep people around you safe.
  • Always remain two metres apart from others. Take particular care to avoid any physical contact with vulnerable groups or those who are self-isolating.
  • If you are dropping off items, leave them on the doorstep, knock on the door and stand back.
  • If you are doing some shopping for a neighbour and money or items exchange hands, make sure both people wash hands before and after to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.
  • If you are unwell, follow NHS guidance and do not seek to help others.
  • If you are delivering information/fliers to invite neighbours to social media groups wash your hands or apply sanitiser gel (60-90% alcohol). Do not wear gloves instead. Gloves are not a substitute for proper hand washing, and can become a carrier of bacteria.

Setting up neighbourhood activity

This sort of activity works best on a small scale, street by street basis – so keep it very local.
Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK have created a comprehensive guide on how to set up a group of local people to support each other through the outbreak.

Their website covers:

  1. What is a Covid-19 mutual aid local group?
  2. What does a Covid mutual aid local group/volunteer do?
  3. Where are the local groups in my area?
  4. Setting up your own local group
  5. Managing Requests
  6. Creating your leaflets
  7. How to run your meetings online
  8. Safeguarding and Data Protection
  9. How to avoid spreading the virus
  10. Templates and other useful materials

You will find a range of templates online that assist in setting up groups, the template below having been used very successfully within a few streets in the Norwich area. There is good guidance on how to deliver leaflets safely here

We would recommend having two or three people as admins to run the group, as this shares the responsibility of any moderation or guidance that may be necessary. Information about how to set up a WhatsApp group

Our community sharing platform LUMi has a wide range of information concerning the #COVID19 outbreak, and how to give or receive support which is greatly needed at this time.


Information about foodbanks

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