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Town Deal project: ACE Centre

Digi-Tech ACC

The ACE Centre will create key technologically-enabled learning environments to support:

  • Advanced engineering and manufacturing - updating and refurbishment of a dedicated teaching lab for automated engineering and manufacturing practices where efficiency and sustainability are key concerns. Providing modern facilities for computer designed mills and lathes, as well as the enhanced ability to teach Industry 4.0 aligned processes. Improvements in training facilities related to work with Programming Logic Controllers (PLCs) which are at the heart of enhancing efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes in a more automated world and some initial training equipment related to additive manufacturing.
  • Sustainable transport - creation of the first motor vehicle training facility in the region specifically designed to support hybrid and electric vehicles. There is a compelling and urgent need for the current training in motor vehicle engineering to have the infrastructure, equipment and facilities to be ready to support the creation of a low carbon transport infrastructure.
  • Advanced construction - creation of a new learning environment for the delivery of advanced construction training, including support for civil engineering training. The facilities for this key sector of training require considerable modernisation to ensure that the latest practices and equipment are available to students and to inspire the next generation of students to consider technical construction roles.
  • Digital technologies - creation of three advanced technology classrooms to enable skills in technologies, such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modelling (BIM). These would support developments in the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of both the engineering and construction industries through use of digitally enabled technology.  

As a provider of the new T levels, the ACE Centre would support a T level in Construction (n=40/yr) as well as the T level Engineering pathways (yet to be finalised by the government — predict n=80/yr).  In addition, the ACE Centre would support the broadening of the apprenticeship offer (n=+30/yr), as well as supporting study at HNC/HND level (n=+20/yr), which is seen as critical for the local sector skills plans. Finally, facilities could support adult learning opportunities, including upskilling of existing employees or the re-skilling required to provide new skills to those seeking new careers.