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My Norwich

Town Deal project: Public Realm

Artist impression of Upper St Giles and Hay Hill
Artist's impression of Upper St Giles (left) and Hay Hill (right)

There are two sites, involving street improvements, new pedestrian crossings and open space improvements, which will be the focus of the Towns Deal funding:

  • St Giles/Upper St Giles – a main historic street leading to the heart of the city centre that presents an opportunity to widen footways to give more space to pedestrians, create opportunities for outdoor dining, enable loading areas to work better and plant trees. A new pedestrian crossing will help the safe flow of pedestrians. The enhanced streetscene will encourage economic investment and increased footfall.
  • Hay Hill – a square close to the market place and the main shops. Hay Hill is one of few open spaces within the city centre; however, at present complicated level changes, site furniture and a complex layout hinder the ability of city residents and visitors to easily walk through, sit on the steps and enjoy the activities around them. A clearer central area will encourage extended use and host cultural activities and events. Have your say on the Hay Hill project.