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My Norwich

River Wensum Strategy documents

Complete strategy (large file)

Executive summary

The need for a strategy

  • Opportunities
  • The River Wensum Strategy Partnership
  • The strategy document

Vision and scope

  • Vision
  • Objectives
  • Boundary of strategy area

Management and partnership working

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Day-to-day management and maintenance
  • Clarification of existing policy framework and relevant guidance
  • Health and safety
  • Partnership working
  • Community and stakeholder participation
  • Social and health inequalities

Walking and cycling access

  • New connections: completing the Riverside Walk
  • Duke's Palace Bridge to St George's Bridge
  • Fye Bridge to Whitefriars Bridge
  • Foundry Bridge to Carrow Bridge
  • Carrow Bridge to Whitlingham
  • Sweet Briar Road Bridge to Hellesdon Bridge
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Signage improvements
  • Connectivity improvements
  • Riverside Walk status

Waterways access and leisure

  • Enhanced waterways infrastructure
  • Provision of launching points/slipways for small craft river taxi/bus infrastructure
  • Canoeing infrastructure
  • Provision of moorings
  • Angling
  • Opportunities for business development
  • River management and maintenance
  • Events and trails


  • Water quality
  • Biodiversity and habitat
  • Floating vegetation platforms
  • Eel pass
  • Flood risk reduction
  • Renewable energy
  • Open spaces and development that supports the river
  • Historic environment
  • Boom Towers enhancement
  • Longer term opportunities

  • New Mills Pumping Station
  • Boom Towers/wooded ridge
  • Bishops Bridge to Whitefriars green space enhancement
    • Mary Chapman Court redevelopment
    • Wensum Park

    Implementation and action plan

    • Funding
    • Management and delivery arrangements
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