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Social supermarkets

You can experience a new, more affordable, way of grocery shopping thanks to the introduction of social supermarkets in the city.

Social supermarkets are run by voluntary organisations, working with local food producers and suppliers to provide products at a lower cost than traditional supermarkets. These shops are aimed at anyone who is struggling to afford food, but there are no specific criteria for who can become a member.

Find a social supermarket:

  • ENYP - Russell Street Community Centre, 53 Russell Street, NR2 4QT 
  • The Feed – 65 Hall Road, NR1 3HL 
  • SOUL Foundation – 4 Mason Road, Norwich NR6 6RF
  • Earlham Nursery School – opening soon

Each supermarket has its own approach to pricing and membership, and may stock a different range of goods, but share

The need for social supermarkets was first identified through an action plan developed by the Food Alliance and members of The Norwich Food Network, community groups working together to alleviate food insecurity. This network was originally set up by the city council who continue to facilitate its vital work.

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