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Community gardens and spaces

Norwich has some amazing residents and community groups who volunteer their time to take on and improve green spaces in their neighbourhoods, making them more community-focused spaces. 

Norwich City Council is keen to help more residents and groups who would like to do this. Through working with other residents who have taken on responsibility for a garden or part of an open space, we have developed a process to help make your venture a success. 

Interested in taking on a space or garden?

Before starting any work you must get permission from the landowner and, where this is us, there is a simple form to complete to express your interest. Common examples where we are the landowner include many city housing estates and parks. 

We’ll assess your plans to make sure they are safe, won’t restrict public access and have appropriate community support. 

What happens next? 

If we can give permission, we’ll then agree the most appropriate way forward. This may be through a licence agreement for areas where you will take on the responsibility of maintaining the planting and we can let you get on with your plans, or we might suggest a longer term ‘friends of’ model where we build a partnership to improve a space together. 

If you would like to speak to someone before submitting an enquiry, please do get in touch through and one of our community enabling team will be happy to discuss your ideas.

Request to take on a green space

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