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Communications and media

There will be a Norwich City Council election on Thursday 4 May 2023.

This is when one-third of the city’s councillors – one from each of the 13 wards – will be elected.

The count will be held the following day, Friday 5 May 2023, at The Halls, Norwich. The count will start at 10am and we estimate results to start coming through around 1pm.

Media at the count

Only accredited media representatives will be permitted into the count venue. In mid-April, the media will be invited to apply for any media passes.

Media enquiries about the election or attending the count should be directed to and

Election communications 

The election process and results will be communicated via the following channels: 

Twitter: @norwichcc #NorwichElection23

Estimated timings for count 

Friday 5 May - Verification of ballot papers (approx. 10am start) Results (starting at approx 1pm)

Please be aware that timings may vary. 

Current political make-up of the council

  • Labour: 25
  • Greens: 11
  • Liberal Democrats: 3


There are 101,929 people eligible to vote in the Norwich City Council local election.


For the last 10 years, or so, the turnout in Norwich – which means the percentage of people who are eligible to vote and choose to – has been around 35%.

Preferred voting method

Of those who voted in 2019 (before COVID) 37% voted by post (63% in polling stations) and in 2022, the proportion of postal votes was 51%.

Voter ID

The government has introduced new rules for voters at elections from May 2023.

From 4 May 2023 onwards, all voters are required to show photographic identification (Voter ID) as per the governmen'ts apporved list at polling stations before they are given a ballot paper.

If someone does not have the required photo ID, they can apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate. The deadline is Tuesday 25 April, 5pm.

Find out more on the voter ID webpage.

How many people in Norwich do not have the required photo ID?

The government and the Electoral Commisssion has estimated that approximately 4% of people do not have photo ID, but the actual figure is not known. In Norwich 4% would be the equivalent of around 4,000 people.

Raising awareness of changes to in-person voting


The government and Electoral Commission has carried out an extensive awareness campaign to ensure people know about the legal requirement to show photo ID when voting in-person in a polling station. This includes:

  • TV and radio adverts
  • Billboards
  • Buses
  • Social media
  • Roadshows


To spread the word about the election on 4 May, what people need to do to be able to vote and the new government requirement to show photo ID to vote in-person at a polling station, we have/are:

  • sent a leaflet out with council tax bills
  • included details in the spring issue of Citizen magazine 
  • published information on our website
  • engaged with local and regiona media
  • emailed council tenants
  • emailed students
  • worked with partners and stakeholders in the voluntary and community sectors and libraries – hosting a webinar, supplying a promotion pack with leafelts, posters and social media wording and graphics
  • contacted higher and further education institutions and student unions
  • regular social media posts

Accessible guides to voting

Guides in Easy Read and British Sign Language (BSL) can be found on our Accessible guides to voting page

Polling stations

There are 58 polling stations across the city. Find the list of polling stations here.


The people standing for election, can be found by visiting our Statements of persons nominated page.

News stories

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