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Online forms: Register for skin piercing activities

Use this form to register a premises or person offering treatment for:

  • acupuncture
  • tattooing
  • semi-permanent skin colouring*
  • cosmetic piercing**
  • electrolysis

* Semi-permanent skin colouring includes semi-permanent make-up, micropigmentation, dermapigmentation, microblading, temporary tattooing, cosmetic tattooing etc.
**Cosmetic piercing includes ear piercing and body piercing.

Please be aware that both the premises and the person(s) offering treatment at the premises must be registered.

If you only need to register a person offering treatment you should check the premises register first to confirm that the premises is registered for that treatment. If the premises is not listed or it is not registered for the treatment, you will be required to register the premises.

There is a fee for registration which you will need to pay when you submit this form. The fees are currently £318 for the premises and £79 per person.

Once you have started, you must continue to the end and submit the form. Please note that you only have 30 minutes to fill out each page and you will not be able to come back to the form at a later time because your answers will not be saved.

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