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Licensing - Tattooing, acupuncture, skin-colouring, piercing and electrolysis

Record details

How to register

Businesses that want to offer any of the following treatments in Norwich must register the premises for each type of treatment and every practitioner that will perform the treatment:

  • tattooing
  • acupuncture
  • semi-permanent skin-colouring*
  • cosmetic piercing**
  • electrolysis

* semi-permanent skin-colouring includes semi-permanent make-up, micropigmentation, dermapigmentation, microblading, temporary tattooing, cosmetic tattooing etc.
**cosmetic piercing includes ear piercing and body piercing.

To register a premises or practitioner you will need to complete the online registration form and pay the relevant fee:

  • £318 per premises
  • £79 for each practitioner

These are fixed fees and will not increase if you register a premises or practitioner for more than one type of treatment.

Register for tattooing and skin piercing activities

When to re-register

You will need to re-register using the application form above if:

  • additional treatments are to be carried out at the premises
  • the business moves premises
  • the practitioner is to carry out additional treatments
  • if a practitioner moves from one premises to another

What happens next?

After we have received your registration and payment you will be sent a registration certificate and a copy of the byelaws.

Practitioners are required to display their registration certificate and a copy of the byelaws at the premises.

An environmental health officer will carry out an inspection of all newly registered premises to check that the byelaws are being complied with. Routine checks are also made to ensure that standards are being maintained.

Further guidance for skin piercers and tattooists about the standards expected and other legal requirements relevant to premises and practitioners is available.

Registered tattoo and skin piercing businesses

 A list of registered premises and treatments in Norwich to help customers make an informed decision when choosing where to go for treatment.

Register of tattooists and skin piercers

More about tattooing and skin piercing

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