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Housing compliance

As a housing provider, the council has a range of responsibilities which helps to keep tenants' and leaseholders' homes safe – this includes completing regular safety checks. 

Following an internal review of compliance work, the council identified some cases where these checks, and some follow up work, have not taken place as they should have. This work relates to electrical, fire and water safety in council homes.

Our action to address the issues

As soon as we became aware of the problem, we appointed an independent expert to conduct a detailed safety check across all these areas (fire, electrical and water safety).

We have put an urgent work programme in place to complete all checks, risk assessments and follow-up work needed. This programme is already underway and we are working hard to complete all checks.

As part of our work to resolve the issues identified, we told the Regulator of Social Housing about these matters and our plans to put things right. 

Regulator’s findings 

The regulator looked at the information we provided and found we didn’t meet their requirements in some areas of the Home Standard – this sets out our responsibilities as a social housing provider. Because of this, the regulator has issued the council with a regulatory notice

Part of the notice shows that asbestos checks have been picked up and added to our urgent work programme which includes completing fire, electrical and water safety checks and any follow-up work needed.

The notice doesn’t change what we are already doing to address all compliance issues as we continue with our urgent work programme.

More about each area

Fire safety

Fire risk assessments (FRAs) are required for blocks of flats with shared/communal areas – inside a block this could include corridors, stairways, door entrances, communal rooms or refuse storage areas. The FRA covers the shared areas up to entrance doors of each flat within a block. 

If you live in a house or bungalow this does not apply to you. 

Our fire safety policy requires FRAs to be carried out every 12 months for high-rise buildings. All FRAs required for high-rise blocks are now complete. 

Any outstanding FRAs at other buildings with communal areas will be completed by the end of November. 

Electrical safety checks

If you moved into your home in the last five years, an electrical safety check will have been completed before you moved in, so won’t be outstanding. 

Our electrical safety policy states that we will carry out an electrical safety check on council homes every five years. There were 892 properties (6% of homes) where electrical checks were overdue at the time of our review. We are working hard to complete all checks. If you are affected by this, we will be in touch to schedule an appointment before the end of this year. 

Water safety (Legionella)

Our review identified up to 500 properties that may need a Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA). A water hygiene specialist has been appointed to do this work, which is due to start later this month. You will be contacted directly by us if your property needs an inspection.

Find out more about water safety and Legionella disease

Asbestos management

The council’s asbestos management policy states that the council will identify, through surveys, any asbestos containing materials that are located in communal areas of its buildings. These asbestos containing materials will be removed or made safe and the information will be recorded on an asbestos register. Where the asbestos is made safe, regular inspections will be made to ensure the material  remains in a safe condition. 

The council is putting a detailed review of the process in place to ensure any outstanding work is rectified by end of 2022. We will contact you directly if the communal areas of your property are affected and if a survey or re-inspection is required.