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Blue badge parking permit

Scheme for blue badge holders unable to use the payment machines

If you are a blue badge holder travelling alone and unable to use the wheelchair height payment machines because of your disability, this scheme will allow you to park at any of our car parks listed below without having to display a pay and display ticket.

A valid blue badge permit and time clock must be clearly visible in your vehicle and within two working days you will need to provide us with details of your car parking stay in order for us to invoice you.

The scheme operates in the following car parks:

Register for the scheme

To register you must tell us your:

  • vehicle registration
  • billing address

Email the details to or call 0344 980 3333.

When you are registered you must inform us of your parking details within two working days of parking. This is to ensure that you will not be issued a parking fine  (penalty charge notice) if you do not display a valid pay and display ticket in your vehicle.

What to do if you are issued with a parking fine and are not registered

If you are not registered and your vehicle has been issued with a parking fine, because you were unable to use the ticket machine due to your disability, we will cancel it if you qualify for the scheme and you provide us with your parking details within two working days of parking.

Please note:
If you are registering for this scheme it does not mean that you are booking a parking space, as we are unable to guarantee you a space.

Tell us your parking details

Within two working days of parking, please provide us with the following information:

  • which of the car parks above you have used
  • the date you parked
  • the time you parked
  • duration of stay
  • your vehicle registration
  • your billing address
  • your valid blue badge number.

You can either email this information to or call 0344 980 3333. 

Invoices based on the parking charges in force at the car park at the time of parking will be sent out to your billing address at the end of each month.  

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