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Covid alert level for Norwich

The government confirmed on 12 October 2020 that Norwich is in Tier 1 (medium) of the new 3-tier system. Let’s all pull together to help prevent the spread of the virus and avoid further restrictions.

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Premises licence applications received

The most recent premises licence applications received by us are published below.

You can book an appointment to view them at City Hall during office hours, by calling 01603 989400.

Recent premises licence applications

Name of premises Ward Type Date received Last date to comment
Fenspirits, 16 Royal Arcade, Castle Street, NR2 1NQ Mancroft Grant (temporary licence) 12/10/20 08/11/20
Wooden Cabin Bar & Store, Castle Meadow Gardens Mancroft Grant 08/10/20 05/11/20
Goodery, 30 Mason Road, Norwich NR6 6RF Catton Grove Grant 07/10/20 03/11/20
The Chancel, The Loft, & the South Garden, 49 Elm Hill NR3 Thorpe Hamlet Grant (temporary licence) 07/10/20 04/11/20
B & M Store, Unit 4 5 Neatmarket, NR4 6FB Lakenham Grant 06/10/20 03/11/20
Lisa Angel, 3 Lower Goat Lane,  NR2 1EL Mancroft Grant 06/10/20 03/11/20
Lisa Angel Ltd, 154 St Stephens Arcade NR2 1SB Mancroft Grant 01/10/20 29/10/20
The Shop, University of East Anglia, NR4 7TJ University Grant 01/10/20 29/10/20
Grosvenor Fish Bar, 28 Lower Goat Lane, Norwich, NR2 1EL Mancroft Grant 24/09/20 22/10/20
Plumstead Mini Mart, 165 Plumstead Road, Norwich, NR1 4AB Crome Grant 22/09/20 20/10/20
10 Tuckswood Lane, Norwich, NR4 6BD Lakenham Grant 18/09/20 15/10/20 (expired)
St Giles Pantry, 95a Upper St Giles, Norwich, NR2 1AB Mancroft Grant 17/09/20 14/10/20 (expired)
4 Dereham Road, Norwich, NR2 4AY Nelson Grant 14/09/20 08/10/20 (expired)
Junkyard Market, St Mary's Works - OS ref: TG228091 Mancroft Grant 10/09/20 07/10/20 (expired)
Retro Replay, 38 & 89 Castle Quarter, 100 Castle Meadow, NR1 3DD Mancroft Grant 09/09/20 06/10/20 (expired)
Prince of Denmark,140 Sprowston Road, Norwich, NR3 4JQ Sewell Grant 01/09/20 28/09/20 (expired0
64-66 Westwick Street, Norwich, NR2 4SZ Mancroft Grant 08/09/20 08/10/20 (expired)
Salls Lokama, 5 Eastbourne Place, NR1 1DH Thorpe Hamlet Grant (Tables and chairs) 19/08/20 16/09/20 (expired)
Pure Gold, 52 Prince of Wales Road, NR1 1LL Thorpe Hamlet Renewal (SEV) 24/08/20 14/09/20 (expired)
The Courtyard Café, 5 Wrights Court, Elm Hill, NR3 1HQ Thorpe Hamlet Grant 20/08/20 17/09/20 (expired)
Sicily Trattoria Pizzeria Da Rocco and Bruno, 3 Bridewell Alley NR2 1AQ Mancroft Grant 17/08/20 14/09/20 (expired)
Lucky Fortune Asia Market, 1st Floor 10 Queens Rd, St Stephens Car Park, NR1 3PR Mancroft Grant 13/08/20 10/09/20 (expired)
Robin Hood, 84 Mousehold Street, NR3 1NX Crome Grant 10/08/20 07/09/20 (expired)

Updated 20 October 2020


An application for the grant or variation of a premises license will be notified to residents by displaying it on the premises and in the local press. Comments in support or objections must be made within 28 days of the date given in the public notice.

Make a representation online

If you have made valid comments of support or objection you will be expected to attend a meeting of the council's licensing subcommittee and any subsequent appeal proceeding. If you do not attend, the subcommittee will still consider your comments, but they may not carry the same weight as if you had attended if, for example, the contents are disputed or challenged.

Your comments will be published in the report to the licensing sub-committee, which is publicly available and displayed on the committee pages. Details of the sub-committee's decision following a hearing will also be published on this site.

We reserve the right not to publish or take into account any letters of representation which we believe are defamatory, offensive or racist.

Recent temporary pavement licence applications

Name of premises Date received Last date to comment

Updated 20 October 2020


Comments in support or objection to a pavement licence must be made within seven days of the date given in the public notice.

Make a representation online

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