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What happens to a planning application?

The application is submitted with plans, certificates and fees

When an application is received, it is registered and checked to make sure it meets our validation requirements.

If an application is complete and correct, with the right fee enclosed, an acknowledgement is sent out within seven days confirming this and letting you know who will be dealing with the application.

After an application has been validated we aim to decide them within eight weeks although where they are unusually large or complex, the time limit is extended to 13 weeks. If we are unlikely to meet these targets we will let you know why.

Where the delay is due to negotiating a positive outcome we will ask whether or not you would like the council to continue to seek to resolve outstanding issues in order to progress or whether you would like the application to be determined as it stands.

If an application is incomplete or incorrect, planning services will let you know within seven days what information is needed to validate the application. The application will be returned after 28 days if the additional information or alterations are not received. If a fee has been submitted, it will be refunded minus a £50 administration charge.

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