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Local Plan documents and maps

The Norwich Local Plan policies map illustrates the policies and proposals of the Site Allocations Plan and Development Management Policies Plan and was adopted alongside them.

An interactive map is available which allows individual local plan policies to be viewed on a map base and show which policies apply to a specific location.

View the Local Plan interactive map

Local Plan and policies map PDF files

Adopted site allocations and site specific policies local plan document

Adopted Norwich development management policies local plan document

Policies map files.

Please note that the versions of the Local Plan and policies map published in hard copy and as pdf files above are the definitive versions of the documents as formally adopted by the city council on 1 December 2014. They have legal force in planning decisions from that date.

Misprints and errors since adoptions of Local Plan

A very small number of misprints and other minor errors have been identified in the supporting text to both plans since the Local Plan was adopted. The policies are not affected. These are listed in the erratum documents below and have been incorporated where practicable in the interactive version of the plan text online.

Erratum documents

In the event of any discrepancies between the two versions, the plan text as adopted (pdf files and hard copy) takes precedence. 


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