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Development management policies

The Development Management Policies Local Plan (DM policies plan) sets out detailed planning policies to help guide and manage change and development in Norwich until 2026.

The policies apply across the whole city, as well as in designated areas. This includes areas which will generally be protected from being developed (such as open spaces and river valleys) and areas which will be reserved for certain kinds of development such as shopping and business.

The DM policies plan builds on and supports the sustainable growth strategy for the wider area set out in the adopted Joint Core Strategy. It also closely follows national planning requirements for sustainable development and positive, community based planning

Please note: Due to changes made by government through the housing standards review, from 1 October 2015 the information notes should be read alongside the adopted local plan. View the notes and cabinet report.

Plan contents



The role of neighbourhood plans

What are development management policies?

The sustainability appraisal

Appropriate assessment

Vision and objectives

A positive approach to development management

The policies

Appendix 1- Infiltration capacity drainage map

Appendix 2 - Health and safety executive areas

Appendix 3 - Standards for transportation requirements within new developments

Appendix 4 – Retail planning definitions

Appendix 5 – Community public houses

Appendix 6 – Employment areas subject to policy EMP16

Appendix 7 – Local criteria for assessment of locally identified heritage assets

Appendix 8 – Long views and strategic viewpoints

Appendix 9 – Local plan monitoring framework

Appendix 10 - Glossary of Terms

DM Policies Downloads

Development management policies and supporting documents are also available as pdf files.

Download the PDF files

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