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Decorating graves at Christmas

We understand that it’s important for some people to decorate the grave sites of loved ones particularly at poignant times of the year such as Christmas.

If you would like to place items on graves at Christmas we would strongly encourage only decorations made from natural materials such as wreaths, wood and real plants and small trees (under 2ft).

It’s important to note that some decorations placed on graves can cause safety and ground maintenance issues, and often aren’t environmentally friendly.

All plastic and glass items are restricted. These include:

  • tinsel
  • lights
  • candles/lanterns
  • artificial trees
  • plastic flowers and wreaths
  • confetti, glitter and fake snow

Plastic pollution is a growing issue across the world, and we are committed to reducing the use in all our cemeteries in Norwich. In 2019 our teams removed five lorry loads of Christmas decorations which went to landfill.

Items that we would love to see over the festive period include:

  • Wooden decorations
  • Natural wreaths
  • Real flowers and plants
  • Real trees must be potted and no bigger than two feet and items placed on individual graves must be contained within the grave space.

We will be providing small Christmas trees in each baby section and wooden, environmental friendly decorations will be available for visitors to place messages on the tree.

Any restricted items will be removed throughout the festive period.