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Electrical items, batteries and textiles

Weekly collection for electricals, batteries and textiles

We run a weekly recycling service for your unwanted small electricals, batteries and textiles. If the space allocated on the dust cart is full the items will be left.
Find out how to recycle your items below.

Why are we collecting your textiles, small electricals and batteries?

In a recent recycling audit, we found that 74 percent of recycling bins in Norwich contained textiles and 46 percent contained small electrical items.

When incorrect items, such as textiles and small electricals are placed in recycling bins it can mean the entire load of recycling is unusable. Incorrect items placed in the recycling bins cost the tax payer over £50,000 a year. By introducing this new collection service we hope to reduce contamination issues, reduce waste to landfill, as well as putting unwanted textiles and electricals to good use.

Our priority is to reduce waste to landfill and stop contamination of recycling bins. With this in mind, we encourage residents to take their unwanted items to charity shops or use our recycling service.

Communal waste and recycling bins

We do not currently run the electrical, battery and textile collection service in areas with communal bins. You can find a list of places to recycle batteries close to where you live by visiting the Recycle Now website. 

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