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Contracts register

The contracts register provides details of contracts that Norwich City Council currently have and future opportunities.

The register will be updated monthly.

Contracts register

Contracts register columns explained


The column entitled “A = ACTIVE, E = EMERGING” indicates the status of the contract:

  • A – an active contract 
  • E – an emerging contract; a need for goods, works or service has been identified and the procurement process has commenced but no active contract in place. 


If it is an emerging contract the “PROCUREMENT ROUTE” column indicates how the opportunity will be sourced when known.  If the entry in this column states “open tender” the opportunity will be published on the council’s electronic tender portal. 


ITT is an abbreviation for Invitation to Tender.

The “ITT ISSUE DATE” column shows the date that the Invitation to Tender was issued or is due to be issued. The column “ITT ISSUE (a) Actual (f) Forecast” confirms whether the date is (a) actual or (f) forecast.

The Contracts Register is not an exhaustive list - Norwich City Council will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions.  

Interested Suppliers

Suppliers interested in working with the council or its wholly owned companies should visit the New Contract Opportunities page for guidance.

Please note we do not accept speculative inquiries.

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