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Tips to help you resolve problems with neighbours

  • If you are being disturbed by a neighbour and know who is responsible, try to talk to them. If the person is under 18, talk to their parent/carer.
  • Often a friendly chat can quickly resolve any problems you may be experiencing. Some examples of low level neighbour nuisance this may apply to are loud music or TV, door banging, pets, DIY, inconsiderate use of common areas.
  • Most problems can be solved amicably. While you may feel nervous about approaching your neighbour, they may genuinely be unaware they are causing a problem. They may be embarrassed and more considerate in the future.
  • Before you approach your neighbour, prepare what you are going to say to them. Stay calm and remain pleasant about the matter and they will be more likely to respond well to your complaint.
  • Avoid getting into an argument. If they will not be reasonable, stop the discussion and walk away. Try to avoid approaching your neighbour when the nuisance is actually occurring, as you are more likely to have an argument. Give your neighbours a reasonable period of time to change their behaviour, then let them know if things haven’t improved.
  • It is important to consider your personal safety. If you are worried or intimidated by their behaviour, then approaching them may not be the best option for you.
  • If, for any reason, you are unable to approach your neighbour in person, you may want to download and use our ‘Dear Neighbour’ card.
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