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Antisocial behaviour (ASB)

How to deal with ASB

In the first instance, and if safe to do so, try and speak to your neighbour about the issue. They may not be aware they are causing a problem.

We have put together some tips to help resolve problems with neighbours. If for any reason you are unable to speak to your neighbour in person, you may want to download and use our 'Dear neighbour' card.

If after contacting your neighbour you are unable to resolve the problem, you can access our independent mediation and conflict resolution service.

What we won't investigate

We expect a reasonable level of tolerance among people and will seek to make a fair evaluation on whether complaints made are reasonable.

Norwich City Council will therefore not investigate:

  • actions that are considered to be normal everyday activities or household noise
  • complaints which are not a breach of the terms of tenancy, for example, neighbours staring at you or speaking to you in a way you don't like
  • actions which amount to people not being pleasant to each other but are not sufficiently serious to likely cause harm to justify our involvement
  • complaints about other people having lifestyles that offend others, for example, who people socialise with, how people dress or what they do in their own homes
  • fly-tipping, overcrowding and disrepair. These will be referred to other departments within the council responsible for investigating these types of problems.

When to call the police

The following issues must be reported to the Police. Call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if the crime is in progress. For a non-emergency incident call 101.

  • Drug use and dealing
  • Gun or knife crime
  • Assault
  • Dangerous dog
  • Criminal damage/vandalism

Drug-use and associated ASB in communal areas and stairwells in council housing

As advised above, drug-use is a criminal matter and should be reported to the police. 

However it is also important for us to know about these issues to help inform how we invest in our estates, support residents and work in partnership with other organisations to try to tackle the problems.

So if you are experiencing the impact of drug-use or drug-dealing and associated antisocial behaviour – caused by non-residents – in the internal or external communal areas of your building then please email details to 

If the problem is related to a known person or known property then please report this as Nuisance Behaviour.

If problems are being caused by visitors to a neighbour's property, they may be a victim of cuckooing. Find out more about cuckooing and how to recognise the signs.

If you think that your case has not been dealt with in the way you wanted, raise your concerns with the agency you reported the matter to. They will take your concerns seriously, and try to ensure your needs are met.
If this fails you may wish to instigate a formal Community Trigger for an antisocial behaviour case review via Norfolk County Council.

Find out more about reporting

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