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My Norwich

Vision partnership

The Norwich 2040 City Vision represents a shared commitment between local businesses, voluntary sector organisations, Norwich City Council, our schools and universities to our city, its residents and our shared long-term success. It is our ambitious agreement to work together for the good of everyone who lives here, and for those who work, visit and study here too. It provides an ambition of what it will be like to be in Norwich in 2040.

The vision encourages innovation and collaboration across other work occurring in the city. Its five themes provide the foundation of our shared vision. Norwich 2040: a creative, liveable, fair, connected, and dynamic city – the best place to be. 

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the lives of the people of Norwich. Its consequences have already and will continue to reshape the city, impacting in particular those who were already experiencing deprivation. The city vision has never been more important in shaping our future as a city, for the benefit of all its citizens. 


The Norwich 2040 City Vision newsletter is an opportunity for us to keep in touch on the life of the city, whether that be sharing details on upcoming developments, promoting consultations and engagement activities, sharing published research and evidence, or general news items that take account of our rapidly changing landscape.

Steering group

The steering group is an informal partnership whose main objective is to achieve the medium to long-term ambitions for the city, as set out in the Norwich 2040 City Vision. It works together to:

  • understand the impact COVID-19 has had/is having on the city
  • identify long term trends through the analysis of data and intelligence
  • monitor progress and take action to ensure we are on track to deliver the vision
  • support other partnerships in the delivery of the vision 
  • act as champions for the city and its role as an urban area
  • be an extra voice for the city, promoting its uniqueness of character
  • put our vision front and centre of strategic planning and communications.

Representatives from following groups and organisations are currently involved :

Members hold important interlocking links with key partnerships and organisations across and for the city, as well as the wider vision network. 

Vision Network

The wider vision network is comprised of a variety of businesses (international, national, SMEs and local independents), statutory agencies, education facilities, VSCE sector organisations, community groups and communities of interest from across the city.

The steering group will engage more widely with vision network stakeholders during the recovery phase to ensure that:

  • future plans are comprehensive, well informed and inclusive
  • the city feels connected to recovery and the vision.