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Norwich 2040 City Vision

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Norwich, a success story

Norwich is a success story. It seamlessly combines the modern with the historic, and is a vibrant city with a thriving economy and cultural scene.

In truth, there is much to celebrate, but as with any city, it has some challenges.

These issues include poor educational attainment and poor health. The severity of these varies considerably between different wards in the city.

The State of Norwich - statistical information about the city

Why we need a vision for the city

To build on the successes and address the challenges, Norwich needs a long-term vision of what we want the city to be like in 2040 and what we need to do to make this happen.

Our shared vision for the city

In November 2018, we published the Norwich 2040 City Vision document which sets out the five themes which form the foundation of a shared vision for the city:

  • creative
  • fair
  • liveable
  • connected
  • dynamic

How you shaped these themes

The work to develop the five themes began with conversations with the public, and representatives from businesses, organisations and community groups. These conversations were designed to tease out what people value in Norwich, what they saw as the challenges and what sort of city they want to see in 2040.

These conversations included:

  • focus groups with residents, visitors to the city, city council employees and members – October 2017 to January 2018
  • a conference – November 2017
  • consultation questions alongside the budget consultation – November 2017 to January 2018
  • stakeholder interviews – January to March 2018
  • online survey with 11-25 year olds – March 2018
  • a youth conference (11-25 year olds) – May 2018.

As well as the five themes, a number of immediate priorities were identified by the people we spoke to.

This is just the beginning

The vision for Norwich is not something that any one organisation can achieve alone. The whole city will need to work together. It will continue to develop as more people become involved and priorities shift.

A conference to launch the vision document was held in November 2018, attended by around 160 representatives from businesses, organisations and community representatives.

Delegates heard from speakers from the city and county councils, St Martins Housing Trust, Norwich Business Improvement District, Create Norwich, as well as co-chairs Councillor Alan Waters, leader of Norwich City Council and Jasmine Mickleburgh, chair of Norwich Youth Advisory Board.

They were taken through examples of work that is already underway – and called on to join together and take action – to make the city what we want it to be in 2040.

See the presentations from the conference here.

What next?

Over the coming weeks and months officers will co-ordinate a number of pieces of collaborative work that contribute to the delivery of the vision themes. This will include:

  • working with cultural organisations and individuals to identify and create cultural opportunities for all
  • developing a local response to the national and global challenges of climate change
  • identifying what a well-connected city of the future looks like and commission research on what connectivity means for the city in 2040
  • determining how we develop an inclusive economy, what it means for Norwich and what changes are needed
  • developing a brand, set of shared principles and messages to promote Norwich.

It’s time to act and join together to be the city we want to be in 2040.