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Access to CCTV records

If you believe you are the victim of a crime or a crime has been committed, you should report it to the police in the first instance. CCTV can be accessed directly by the police when they investigate crime, for which there is no charge, and the police have their own process for doing this as part of their investigation.

If a police investigation is taking place, we cannot access and supply CCTV footage in relation to the investigation; you should make this request directly to the police.

Requesting CCTV footage from the council

See the map of camera locations

Public space CCTV footage in Norwich is held for a maximum of 28 days, unless a request is received to retain it longer. It is therefore very important that any request to review or obtain a copy of footage is made promptly following an incident, to prevent it being automatically overwritten by the system.

Request CCTV footage of yourself

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have a right to see CCTV images if they are in that footage – also known as being the ‘data subject’. 

It is important that we do not compromise anyone else's privacy so you will only be able to view CCTV footage of yourself that does not contain images of third parties, compromise their privacy or enable you to identify others (eg car registration details).

You are entitled to have a copy of the recording if it will not become part of a live criminal investigation, civil proceedings or a complaint. If this is the case, you can request this via a data subject access request form.

Images of others would need to be edited or blanked out to make sure that no one else can be identified. This process is costly and one which we have the right to refuse to undertake if the costs are disproportionate. Alternatively, the costs may be passed on to the person who has made the request.

Request access to CCTV footage

Request CCTV footage for legal professionals

In civil cases and complaints where the police are not involved, such as damage only in a traffic collision, these requests will only be processed if they are received from your solicitor or insurance company, via a section 35 request form.

All requests to us for checking and accessing CCTV records via this form will incur a minimum charge of £10 regardless of whether or not any footage is held. Refunds will not be given if no footage is found. If we hold footage there will be a further £65 charge (total £75) to obtain a copy on disc, in relation to civil cases and complaints where the police are not involved, such as damage in a traffic collision. The charge is for investigating and responding to your request.

You are advised to check the map of camera locations below very carefully before you submit your request and also consider the following:

  • Cameras may be undergoing or awaiting maintenance and therefore non-operational.
  • The camera may not be facing in your direction or the direction of your incident at the time it occurred.

Section 35 request for CCTV footage