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Schedule 2 (5) Exemption request for CCTV footage

We hold CCTV images for 31 days until they are automatically deleted. 

Use this form to submit a request for CCTV footage under the Data Protection Act 2018, Schedule 2(5)(3) which states:

GDPR provisions do not apply to personal data where disclosure of the data—

  1. is necessary for the purpose of, or in connection with, legal proceedings (including prospective legal proceedings)
  2. is necessary for the purpose of obtaining legal advice, or
  3. is otherwise necessary for the purposes of establishing, exercising, or defending legal rights, to the extent that the application of those provisions would prevent the controller from making the disclosure.

When you complete the form you will need

  • full details of the incident, including date, time and specific location
  • an official reference number that proves the request is related to a recognised legal process

If we do hold footage, a further payment of £100 will be required to process and release the data.

Please see our CCTV page for further information.

Please note: when you start the form you must continue to the end and submit it. You have 30 minutes to fill out each page and you will not be able to save the form and come back later.

Privacy notice

Read our privacy notice for information about what we do with personal information.

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