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Guidance notes for Pledge Norwich

Eligibility criteria

Funds allocated by Norwich City Council to Pledge Norwich are public money and we are accountable to local people for all expenditure. Therefore, we apply very stringent eligibility criteria.

1. To be eligible for this funding, your project must:

  • benefit the people of Norwich
  • be run by residents, community organisations, charities or social enterprises (“not for profits”)
  • tackle issues which result from an increased number of people using your local area, either through more residents in new or developed housing, or non-residents using the area due to an increase in shops or services
  • have permission of the landlords or owners if they are on land or building you do not own. This includes on roads and in public green spaces and parks
  • be accessible to Norwich residents and not seek to exclude anyone. (Projects of a political or religious nature cannot be considered for this fund).

2. Your organisation must:

  • have a governing document (constitution, set of rules or equivalent) that show how your group or organisation is run and managed
  • demonstrate good and fair management
  • have clearly defined aims and objectives
  • have a bank or building society account in the name of the group, with a minimum of two cheque signatories (see Exceptions), or have an organisation who is willing to act on your behalf.

If you do not fulfil these criteria or are unsure if you do, please contact for advice and guidance.

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