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Terms and conditions for Pledge Norwich

Pledge Norwich is money that may be pledged by Norwich City Council (the council) for your project.

In applying for the fund you will be accepting that a pledge from this fund towards your project will be subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. The decision to award a grant is at the absolute discretion of the council.

2. The fund will only be spent on the purpose detailed in this application unless otherwise agreed in advance by the council in writing.

3. A photocopy of a recent bank statement and/or financial accounts will be provided.

4. The council will ask for any relevant policies (eg safeguarding, equalities) which the applicant will provide.

5. You will notify the council of any issues which may affect the ability of the organisation to deliver the project, or will delay your use of the fund, as soon as practical.

6. Your project must be completed within a year of the grant being awarded unless otherwise agreed. You must sign a grant acceptance agreement.

7. You will supply a monitoring report at the end of the project or after six months of the start of the project, in the format provided by the council.

8. You will comply with all relevant legislation such as employment, health and safety, confidentiality and data protection, protection of children and vulnerable adults and equal opportunities legislation in the delivery of the project.

9. Financial records of the spending of the fund will be kept and submitted with your monitoring report. The fund shall be specifically acknowledged within your annual accounts for the year in which it was received.

10. You will allow us to inspect all financial records in relation to the grant for the purposes of audit if required.

11. Norwich City Council will be acknowledged in all printed/digital materials that the organisation produces about your funded project and acknowledged appropriately elsewhere, for example in annual reports or brochures. This will be via a designated logo supplied to you.

12. Any part of the fund that is not required for the purpose approved must be refunded to the council.

13. In exceptional circumstances, the fund can be withdrawn or withheld at the council’s discretion.

14. If the council becomes aware of evidence of dishonesty or negligence which could bring the reputation of Norwich City Council into disrepute, action will be taken and the grant terminated.

15. Repayment of the fund can be required at the sole discretion of the council if:

  1. it finds that any false information has been supplied to the council
  2. the work undertaken is not the work for which the fund was approved (if the council has not been informed of, and approved, these changes in accordance with point 2)
  3. the fund has not been spent within one year unless otherwise agreed by the council
  4. your organisation becomes insolvent or goes into administration, receivership or liquidation, and the fund has not already been spent on its intended purpose
  5. there is any other breach of any of the conditions in this form.

16. The council may use details of the project in publicity materials and annual reports. Details of individuals will not be used without consent.

17. Any Value Added Tax (VAT) payable by your organisation is your responsibility and the council shall not be obliged to pay any additional amount.

18. The council accepts no liability for any consequences that may come about from your use of the fund.

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