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Building structures and ponds on your allotment

Tenants do not need to seek permission to build structures and ponds, but they must be built so they comply with the conditions set out in pages 11 and 30-31 of the allotment rules.

Waste restrictions

10.1 Building materials such as recycled doors, pallets, roofing materials, windows, and UPVC may only be brought onto the allotment for constructing permitted structures

10.2 Tenants will be automatically allowed to build a maximum of two cold frames or cloches constructed from recycled windows. If glass structures are broken on the plot, the tenant must remove broken glass from the allotment.

10.3 Excessive quantities of any building materials are in breach of rules, however limited quantities of building materials such as blocks, bricks, metal or timber will be allowed as long as they are used to help grow crops.

10.4 Paving may cover a maximum of 10 per cent of the plot area. Tenants with mobility issues may apply for permission for extra paved areas to improve plot access.

10.5 Tyres may no longer be brought onto the allotment but existing tyres may be kept on plots as long as they are registered with the council.

10.6 Imported gravel and other loose stone products, rubble and hardcore are not allowed on the allotments. The use of glass bottles for construction is also not allowed.

10.7 Some children’s play equipment, including small swings and trampolines, will be allowed as long as they are kept in good repair. Paddling pools and bulky play equipment, including large trampolines and swings, are not allowed on site.

10.8 Carpet may only cover up to 20 per cent of the plot and carpet must be regularly moved if used to cover beds. Only natural woven carpet will be allowed on the allotment and sheet mulch is always preferred to carpet. All overgrown,
unmanaged carpet will be in breach of rules.

10.9 You may not use your allotment to store household furniture, leisure equipment or any other household items that are not used for cultivation. Usable garden furniture for recreation purposes is allowed.

10.10 After a tenant receives a waste notice, waste must be removed from the allotment. Any tenant found to have burnt waste materials in response to a waste notice is at risk of immediate tenancy termination. Dry organic waste may be burnt in line with existing rules as found in appendix 2.

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