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Water on allotments

Water Switch on/Switch off:

Each year, we turn the allotments water supply off before the first frost to protect the pipes and taps from freezing. This is carried out around November each year. The water switch on is scheduled in March and will take place after the final frost. You will not have access to mains water over this period.

Preserving water:

The National Allotment Society have written an article with advice on water use, giving advice on water use and good techniques on allotments. Please be conscious of water use and follow the guidelines set out in the article above, as well as always adhering to our rules as a council (e.g. no sprinklers and unattended hosepipes) and abiding by any potential hosepipe bans. Please refer to the Allotment Rules for details on rules around water use.

Mulch: there are many great suppliers of horse manure, straw, and digestate that can be used to improve the soil on your allotment. Alternatively, you can bring leaves or grass cuttings from your garden or use compost you have created. These are all great barriers against evaporation and help mitigate our fast-draining, loamy soil. 

If you have a shed or a greenhouse, please consider water harvesting with and water butts. 

Hosepipe ban:

If there is a hose pipe ban enforced during a period of drought, you are not allowed to use hosepipes on allotments during this period. You may continue to use the tap for filling watering cans. Anyone found to be using hosepipes during this time risks their tenancy. 

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